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Temporary tattoos, henna designs mean different things to different people. Here at Urban Henna, our henna designs are temporary tattoos applied in the traditional way. Each design is unique and individual, and over time fades from your body naturally.

There was a time when the term “mehndiwali” simply meant someone who came and applied mehndi at weddings. The trade has moved considerably up-market since then and the “mehndiwali” or now known as the “henna artist” has become an integral part of the designer mix with growing corporate as well as individual client base, not only catering for weddings but parties, fashion shows, magazine shoots and individuals just wanting a temporary tattoo to show off at a night club.

Gone are the days of throwing some henna and water into a bowl and applying with a match stick, with a few whirly lines to call designs, but to adding recipes to the mixing bowl including special sensual oils to soothe and calm the nerves, as well as adding new and exciting colours, texture and shimmering glitters in an array of amazing and breath-taking designs, all working to fit in with their environment.

You can tell by just meeting with Nita, the sole founder of Urban Henna, that she is no ordinary henna artist. Discovered 5yrs ago in the hustle and bustle of Selfridges, London , Nita has caused quite a sensation among the glitz and glamour of the fashion stage as well as new “modern Asians”. Clients have ranged from the cast of Eastenders to Brides magazine and Liberties (department store), as well as being a regular feature at the Scalla night club in Kings Cross.

Nita caters for all occasions, ranging from traditional wedding henna designs to more funky henna (temporary tattoos) for parties or individuals.

Nita is a freelance graphics artist – “ I have always enjoyed art. To me it's extremely rewarding to see my thoughts and energies transformed into a picture. Who said a picture could not paint a thousand words. ”

“ When I paint henna onto an individual it's as if I have centre stage and the images and personality I feel from that individual are transformed into a beautiful work of art. It is certainly a form of therapy for me as well as providing a wide variety of designs ”

“ Having worked closely with the guru of fashion photography, David Bailey, I have learnt, that attention to detail is the most important thing when getting the right look and design.”

Nita's varied clientele is through word of mouth, and has enabled her to cross waters into Europe, Middle East and North America .